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Character Modeling for Next-Gen Games

Modeling and Sculpting with Richard Smith


In this lecture, Richard Smith guides you through modeling a Next-Gen game character. Richard starts with a rough concept design and then creates a low-res base mesh. From there he sculpts each part in software: ZBrush with special attention paid to creating realistic clothing folds. Once each part is completely sculpted Richard retopologizes it inside of software: Maya using a plug-in called Nex. Finally, using XNormal he creates the normal map and then sets everything up in software: Maya. This lecture is intended for artists with a basic understanding of polygon modeling in software: Maya, but the techniques he demonstrates could be applied using other 3D modeling software.

Duration: 193 minutes

Format: SD 1024x768

Richard Smith

3D Artist

Richard Smith is an award-winning character artist with over nine years of experience in the games industry. His has worked on such titles as Star Wars Battlefront 3, Time Splitters 4, Without Warning and Haze which he worked on while at Free Radical Design. His experience spans high and low resolution modeling, texturing and character rigging. In his free time he creates high resolution digital sculptures for collectible figurines.

  • "Richard Smith's tutorial is a fantastic presentation of how to create a fully-realized Next-Gen game model. Richard covers everything you need to know about creating Next-Gen characters from modeling the base mesh, sculpting wrinkles, creating the low-resolution in-game mesh and generating Normal Maps."

    - Ryan Kingslien