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Asim A. Steckel

Freelance Senior Concept Artist / Vis Dev Artist

Asim A. Steckel is a Senior Concept Artist and Vis Dev Artist from Germany. Originally, he started working as a Graphic Designer, but due to his passion for art, games, and films, he made the decision to study Game Art to become a Concept Artist.

He worked in Germany for several years before deciding to move to Canada to work for Ubisoft Québec for some years. He worked on a variety of different game projects; one among them was Immortals Fenyx Rising. Now back in Germany, he has started a freelance career, working for clients including Riot Games, 5th Column Studios, Genpop Interactive, Hitzone, and many others. He has been working in the entertainment industry for more than 12 years.

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  • I really enjoyed my time with Asim on Immortals Fenyx Rising. Asim was one of our concept artists back then [and it] was easy working with him because he had a good attitude, was very receptive to feedback, and was always looking to improve his art skills. In our concept artists group, he was one of my go-to guys when I had a special request or complicated tasks. I’ve watched Asim’s progression over the last two years, and I have been really impressed by his recent works. Asim is a true professional on every level.

    - Thierry Dansereau
    Art Director at Ubisoft Québec

  • Asim worked with me for several years on the entire production of Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising game, where he created many colorful fantasy environments. His sense of design, his passion for light and color harmonies, as well as his extensive knowledge in 3D, allows him to be an extremely versatile Concept Artist and a very charismatic instructor, as Asim is passionate and an excellent speaker.

    - Hugo Puzzuoli
    Concept Artist/Associate Art Director

  • I can say that Asim is not just an amazing artist but a world builder. The artworks that he produces are original and vibrant, and they drag you in and make you want to explore more. The importance of his work is the spark that will motivate an entire project by bringing the first visual ideas to the teams and align them to realize an epic version of his initial work in a game engine.

    - Sébastien Giroux
    Senior Character Artist at Bioware

  • Asim A. Steckel is a highly skilled artist known for his warm and welcoming personality. He has a unique ability to blend 3D and 2D techniques, which enhances his understanding of design. His expertise in art production and storytelling in imagery makes him an excellent teacher for anyone looking to learn from him.

    - Danar Worya
    Concept Artist