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Maarten Verhoeven

Digital Sculptor

Maarten Verhoeven is a digital sculptor, concept and vfx artist specializing in work for film, commercials and toys. Having a strong background in art, he handles different aspects of production, from concept, sculpting, compositing and color grading. Born and raised in Belgium, Maarten developed a great interest for anatomy, art and history. He gained a Master's degree in Animation and worked as an all-round vfx artist in Belgium. After a few years he went freelance in order to follow his passion: digital sculpting. Today he’s working as a ZBrush artist, contributing his talents to various companies, publications and projects including Pixologic, Hasbro, Avengers, G.I. Joe, Iron Man, Gentle Giant, Walking Dead, The Hobbit, 3DArtist, 3D world and 3Dcreative magazine.

  • "Maarten is a tremendous sculptor and one of the masters in the digital field. From sculpting from life or imagination he has a great ability to twist the realm of reality and still make it believable. Each new work Maarten completes pushes the bar for digital sculpting higher; even a small insight into his creative process and techniques is worth it's weight in gold."

    - Joseph Drust
    Artist/Creative Development Manager at Pixologic, INC.

  • "Maarten's signature style is distinctive and easily recognised from afar. His brilliant portrait busts, figurines and creatures designs have it all. It’s always a pleasant surprise to see what he’s been working on; from a disturbing monstrous creature to erotic pin-up art to legendary film characters, he emphasises the shapes and poses perfectly for the mood and in his own unique way."

    - Rudy Massar
    The Moving Picture Company

  • "I have followed Maarten's work for years now. It never ceases to amaze me how stunning his work is. Each sculpture has its own sense of life. His work display a strong sense of gesture, weight, and most importantly character. I'm incredibly excited to learn from from his lectures."

    - Bryan Wynia
    Senior Character Artist