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Advanced Illustration and Key Art Techniques

2D Concept Illustration, 3D Asset Creation, 360 Illustration and Interactive Concept Design with VR with Alex Nice


Learn from the industry-proven workflows of Art Department Illustrator Alex Nice, as he shares his processes for creating both flat 2D illustrations and 2D-to-3D interactive scenes.

Art Departments in the film industry are continually changing as new tools and technology make things easier and faster. However, with these new tools comes additional complexity. The never-ending challenge is finding a comfortable balance between art and technology within tight, uncompromising production schedules. As a professional artist for feature film, Alex covers his pipeline for creating a sci-fi environment set using various 2D and 3D applications. This workshop is not software-specific and is ideal for anyone with a basic understanding of 3D workflows.

Throughout the lesson, Alex explores a few of the new next-gen tools available to artists and finds ways to save time when creating professional production art. This workshop will stay broad in scope so that it can apply to all levels of artistic ability, regardless of experience, and focus on concepts rather than what buttons to press.

Duration: 3h 17m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Alex Nice

Senior Concept Illustrator, FOX Pictures

Alex Nice is a Visual Effects Art Director, Senior Concept Illustrator, and an entertainment industry veteran with over 15 years of experience creating high-end content for films. Originally trained in fine art and illustration, Alex's skill-set includes managing art teams, concept art look-development, project pitches, and creating film-quality visuals with a strong focus on storytelling. With a background as a 2D artist and 3D generalist, Alex can deliver art from concept to final while maintaining a global focus on quality. His versatility in software and broad artistic style has allowed him to create fantastically epic and photoreal shots for Hollywood's biggest features and VR’s most immersive experiences. Alex thrives in high-stress environments and particularly enjoys interactively working with storytellers to bring their ideas to life. Credits include Jungle Book, Hunger Games, Beasts of No Nation, Sin City, Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Oblivion, Pacific Rim, Elysium, Tron: Legacy, The Amazing Spider-Man, Hugo, and many more.