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Creating Costume Concept Art for Film & TV

Concept Design Workflow for Photoshop With Gina DeDomenico


Costume concept artists are responsible for bringing a costume designer’s vision to life. They create the template for building the costumes that we see on screen. Gina DeDomenico is an industry veteran with over three decades of experience creating costume concept art. She has worked with many renowned costume designers, such as Ruth Carter and Laura Jean Shannon, and has amassed credits including Doom Patrol, Django Unchained, Malcolm X, Green Lantern, plus so many more. 

In this 3.5-hour workshop, Gina lectures on the importance of concept art in costume design for film and TV. Sharing her complete workflow for creating costume concept art, Gina reveals her personal approach, from her hardware preferences to how she uses DAZ 3D to establish an initial pose and through her entire Photoshop process. You’ll see how she illustrates the design elements, details the character, adds color, and completes her work by setting the background and lighting for the final presentation.

The subject of the workshop offers a fresh take on a Star Trek classic: Borg Queen — an illustration Gina first tackled back in the 1990s. The workshop demonstrates her current process and discusses some of the evolution in hardware and techniques that she’s experienced over the decades, revealing just how far concept art has come.

Duration: 3h 35m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Gina DeDomenico

Gina DeDomenico-Flanagan is one of the industry’s most prolific costume concept artists, having worked on numerous blockbuster films and popular TV shows. Gina has also lent her talents to stars like John Legend, Lionel Richie, and Madonna, illustrating costumes for their various tours.

After graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York, where she was awarded the Bob Mackie Gold Thimble Award for her achievements, Gina quickly became one of the industry’s top illustrators. She worked for Oscar-winning designer Ruth Carter on projects such as Malcom X and Amistad, as well as being the go-to illustrator for fan favorites such as Galaxy Quest and Escape from LA. Gina then left the industry for ten years to raise her three daughters.

Today, Gina is a costume concept artist for the DC Streaming Universe, working on five shows simultaneously. She also lends her skills to UCLA, teaching classes on Illustration and Digital Illustration. She attends the San Diego Comic Con annually and speaks on panels discussing concept artistry and suit design for superhero characters.

  • Gina is the consulate professional, a hard worker, and an outstanding Designer in her own right. Her concepts are the perfect mix of function and pleasing aesthetic. She is a go to for many high profile projects and that is only second to the thoughtfulness she gives to those lucky enough to work with her.

    - Phillip Boutee Jr
    Concept Artist

  • Having worked with her everyday for over a year and half now, with all certainty, I can say that anyone would be hard pressed to find someone who is more professional, knowledgeable, caring, kindhearted, and a creative powerhouse than Gina DeDomenico. It can’t be done. Go ahead and try, I Dare you! I’ll wait...

    - Greg Hopwood
    Concept Artist

  • Gina DeDomenico has one of the most impressive artistic journeys in the industry, her long career filled with achievements and high profile projects are just part of what makes her so special. Her talent and unique ability to grow with the industry is like no other. Everyone has something to learn from her.

    - Luca Nemolato
    Senior Concept Artist